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Holistic Practitioner

Master Reiki Practitioner


Certified Doula 

I studied and achieved my mastership in Usui Reiki through the International Center for Reiki Training while living in Upstate New York in 2014, I later became Certified in Kemetic Reiki as well. Reiki healing has been an integral part of my life for the last decade. Using Universal Energy to help myself and others relax, reduce stress and heal is my passion. Since I can remember I have always been drawn to energy and helping others.

My journey has led me to become a Doula, a role dedicated to being a beacon of light and support  to those in need during life's most profound transitions. This sacred work holds immense significance both personally and ancestrally, as it honors the wisdom and traditions of my ancestors. Becoming a Doula has unlocked a new passion for me,  allowing me to incorporate my skills and passion to reach a greater population.

Guiding Light Doula Services represents the latest chapter in my holistic journey. This work allows me to incorporate my love, skills and  passions to reach not only a greater population but an expanded one as well. It is a beautiful extension of my Reiki practice, as both roles emphasize the importance of providing compassion, energetic  support and healing.

By integrating Reiki healing with Doula work, I can offer a holistic approach that nurtures the mind, body, and spirit during key moments of transformation in life.

Traditionally, I hold degrees in both Business Management and Social Work. I am the founder of ReikibyNiesha, and Guiding Light Doula Services, a Holistic life coach, and a proud  Military Veteran.

On a more personal level, I am a wife, mother to two beautiful children and a caregiver to a parent with dementia. When I am not being of service to others, you will find me enjoying my best life with loved ones, or expanding my knowledge in the forever-giving world of Universal Energy. 

My services are designed to nurture, support , and guide  individuals energetically in a way that empowers them to live their most holistically balanced life.

I say to you confidently; I am the light to guide and support you at this time in your journey. Contact me now. Let's create your personalized plan that aligns with your unique needs and aspirations.

Passion to Empower

It is my deep-rooted passion to empower others to embrace holistic well-being and find their own balance.

Personalized Guidance Tailored to You: Receive one-on-one guidance from a Certified Reiki Teacher and holistic practitioner. Your unique journey deserves personalized attention. Book a session now to create a customized plan for your spiritual and holistic development.

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